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Saint-Geron Sparkling water

Saint-Geron Sparkling water

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The mineral spring of Saint-Géron has an immense geologic and cultural history that spans millennia, emerging to the surface as one of the most profound and sophisticated naturally sparkling mineral waters in the world.

Perched atop a chain of extinct volcanoes, deep in the heart of France's Auvergne region lay the small city of Clarmont-Ferrand, and the home of Saint-Géron. Julius Caesar extolled the natural springs' virtues in "La Guerre des Gaules" and nourished Romans and Gauls over two thousand years ago. In the 19th century, the construction of a water collection reservoir revealed antique wells with coins and offerings from the Gallo-Roman period. One of these coins had a portrait of Empress Faustina Augusta (IIc AD) on the front and Ceres, goddess of fertility, on the back. For this reason, Saint-Géron is known as the "Queen of Table Waters".

Saint-Géron is genuinely magical, made possible only by the singular geology found here. After a 1000-year journey that began as rain, the water is forged through endless layers of ancient volcanic soils, filtered and cleansed of bacteria and all nitrates, and enriched by a plethora of minerals collected along the way. When the water finally resurfaces, it is naturally effervescent mineral water with fine bubbles and unmatched purity.

Showered with awards since its inception in 2006, Saint-Géron, in its elegant glass bottle created by painter and designer Alberto Bali, can be found in many of the most celebrated restaurants worldwide.

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