Boërl & Kroff Champagne stems from an unbending quest for beauty.
In their mind's eye, the founders had a vision of the perfect Champagne, sublime both on the inside and the outside ? The palatable epitome of French artisanal excellence.

Theirs was a very specific goal, and that was to craft the finest Champagne in the world - mirroring a superlative white wine - and to age it extensively. To achieve this, they felt compelled to recruit the country's most skilled artisans, and to spare no expense.

Their slightly eccentric desire would take them to Aube, to the heart of the Côte des Bar, where they would meet Michel Drappier, the winegrower at the helm of the eponymous Champagne house. Dubbed the "magician of Urville", since 1994 he rose to the difficult challenge of breathing life into Boërl & Kroff, and produce an uncompromising Champagne, able to travel ceaselessly down through the years. It also had to achieve perfection and not be hindered by material considerations. But, as Drappier warned, "it would take a lot of patience". What we have accepted for more than 12 years... I wish you a great discovery of the world of Boërl & Kroff.

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