Built in the fifteenth century and spanning five generations, Château Thivin is the oldest estate on Mont Brouilly. It is perched on the ancient volcano of Mont Brouilly, which juts out into the valley below, looking over the rest of the crus. In 1877, the château and its 2 hectares of land were bought at an auction by Zaccharie Geoffray, and has since expanded greatly. Today, to continue the Geoffray family tradition, their grandnephew Claude, his wife Evelyn, and their son Claude-Edouard continue to uphold the prestige of the terroir of the Côte de Brouilly.

Thivin is located on the south side of Mount Brouilly which has very distinctive terroir. The blue granitic soil found here is distinctly different than some of the pink granite found among the other cru sites. The blue granitic soil gives the wine a bright floral character with a great tannin structure. They make certain that the soil is plowed and composted regularly, no insecticides are used, and the vineyards are at 48% slopes while also having crumbly surfaces to ensure no soil erosion. To preserve the unique qualities of each parcels, each parcel is harvested and vinified separately. Traditional whole-cluster fermentation maintains the fruity characteristics of Gamay, which is then transferred to large neutral oak barrels for aging before bottling.