Marc Guillemot and Pierrette Michel are precursors of biodynamics in the south of Burgundy, in quintaine more precisely, an exceptional terroir within the Viré-Clessé appellation. Quintaine consists of a hundred hectares that are shared with great success by a handful of winegrowers, including the Domaine Guillemot-Michel. 6.5ha cultivated as a garden. Organic for more than 30 years and biodynamic since 1992, Marc Guillemot and Pierrette Michel have focused on a single wine, this Chardonnay de Quintaine whose history they love to tell so much and whose oldest vines date back to 1918. Pierrette's grandfather and father delivered their grapes to the cooperative winery. When she took over the estate in 1982, Pierrette immediately decided to produce her wine. Since 2013, their daughter Sophie and their son-in-law Gautier have enriched the range, always with the same care and with solid technical skills (Sophie is a graduate in oenology). The family grows their own plants for biodynamic preparations. Trained as engineers, biodynamics is very technical here, far from the esoteric ideas attributed to it.