Collection: Moritz Kissinger

Moritz is the definition of a new face of German wine today. After completing his studies in Geisenheim he eventually returned to his family estate in Uelversheim, Rheinhessen slowly but gradually taking over parcels from his father who at the time already understood that organic farming is the way to go.

Moritz puts a lot of effort on working with white and red Pinot varieties. During his stint at Champagne Cedric Mousse he also understood that serious grower champagne (or in his case Deutscher Winzersekt) is a matter of meticulous work from grape growing to harvest to perfect ageing. It's no surprise that his sparkling already belongs to some of Germany's most sought after only releasing his second release this year.

The combination of the Rheinhessen's microclimate and its diversity of soils creates wines that are full of power and razor sharp acidity.